• Homeowners Insurance Can Protect Against Theft

    If you own a home, the government requires that you insure it. Homeowners insurance can help protect your most valuable assets and provide you peace of mind. This type of insurance covers a variety of risks, including fire, lightning strikes, storms, and more. Another way homeowners insurance can be helpful is by protecting against theft. Unfortunately, home burglaries occur far too often in the United States. Here's how having homeowners insurance might be helpful. [Read More]

  • Think Your Commercial Property Insurance Policy Is Lacking? What To Do Today

    If you have a commercial property and you don't think that your insurance plan is enough, or that the property wasn’t assessed properly, you will want to talk with a couple different insurance professionals to get new quotes. Not only will they see what the cost is, but what those other insurance professionals put in their coverage plan. You want to be protected from property damage or loss, and liability concerns. [Read More]

  • What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

    Indexed universal life insurance, or IUL policies, can help you build up your wealth profile while also leaving behind death benefits for your beneficiaries. The policy will place a part of your premium payment in a renewable term life insurance policy. The remainder is added to the cash value of your policy, minus any fees. Over time, the value of the cash is credited with the interest made on these increases in what is called an equity index. [Read More]

  • Insuring Your Vehicle With Comprehensive Coverage

    Properly insuring your vehicle can be a necessary step for safely operating the vehicle. Unfortunately, individuals may make the error of only choosing an insurance policy that will provide limited or insufficient coverage for the level of risk that they assume when operating these vehicles. In particular, comprehensive policies can offer protection against various significant threats. Protection Against Uninsured Drivers Being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver can be a serious problem as a person could find it very difficult to recover compensation for their financial losses. [Read More]

  • How Your Job Affects Your Car Insurance

    Auto insurance coverage and rates are all about risks. High-risk drivers pay higher rates than low-risk drivers. Thus, anything that affects your risk designation affects the coverage you need and the rates you pay. For example, your job, occupation, or work can affect your car insurance. Below are several ways the effects might arise. Annual Mileage Insurance companies consider your annual mileage in rate calculation because it affects your risk of an accident. [Read More]

  • The Struggles Of The Self Employed: What You Need To Know About Qualifying For Group Health Insurance

    Many self-employed individuals assume that they will not qualify for group health insurance plans because they do not work for a traditional employer who offers these plans as part of a benefits package. Consequently, self-employed individuals commonly struggle with the task of finding affordable health insurance. If you have found yourself dealing with this same struggle, you should know that the assumption that you will not qualify for group health insurance rates may not be correct. [Read More]

  • 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

    If you have to get a new car insurance policy, it is important to schedule consultations with several car insurance agents.  Doing this will help you choose the right car insurance company for your budget and needs. During each consultation, do not hesitate to ask questions. Here are a few questions that you should ask your car insurance agent. What Type of Coverage Do I Need? There are several types of car insurance policies. [Read More]

  • 3 Important Protective Features a Renters Insurance Policy Can Provide

    Individuals who rent may feel as though they do not have the same concerns and responsibilities as homeowners. They may feel as though there is not a need to get insurance for a property that will they will never own. There are different types of insurance solutions for consumers. In terms of housing, individuals who rent can get renter insurance. It might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, the following points will identify its importance and why renters should strongly consider getting a policy. [Read More]

  • Protecting Your Home With Insurance

    If you own your home, there is an urgent requirement to make sure that you are protecting yourself against the sizable losses that could be incurred due to property damage and other issues that impact the home. More specifically, home insurance can be a valuable tool for this, but there are common assumptions that individuals may make that can lead them to make poor choices for protecting themselves. Myth: Home Insurance Only Protects Against Physical Damages [Read More]