How Working With An Independent Insurance Agency Can Benefit You

Posted on: 29 September 2020

When you are buying insurance for your home, car, or RV and other toys, getting a reasonable price and still getting good coverage is essential. Working with an independent insurance agency can open up some options that allow more choices and could be worth taking the time to check out before buying any policy,

Customer Focused

One of the largest benefits you often get with an independent insurance agency is a focus on what is right for each customer that comes through the door. Independent insurance agencies do not focus on one insurance company so they can work with the client to find the best insurance coverage for their situation, even if that means checking with several different insurers.

Often the independent agent can take the information you give them and decide which insurance companies are best for your needs. The agent can then present a package to you that includes the options so that you can make a decision based on your needs, not on what your insurance company thinks you need. 

Sometimes insuring everything with one company makes sense, but there are some cases when breaking up your coverage and having insurance with a company specializing in home or auto is a better option. Working with an agent that can coordinate the policies for you, deal with claims, and work with the different insurance companies you have your coverage through can streamline things and make life much more comfortable.

Lower Costs

Your independent insurance agency should be working to help you get the best coverage you can get at a cost that works with your budget. Sometimes that means shopping around and comparing the coverages, co-pays or deductibles, and the costs of multiple insurance policies.

The time involved in making the comparisons, especially if you are not knowledgeable about insurance, can be more than most people want to put into the process. Your insurance agency will take all that off your hands and do the work for you, and since they are well versed in the way insurance works, they can often do it faster and more effectively than you can.

The results can be a substantial saving in the cost of your insurance coverage, while still having the coverage you need. The agent you are working with may find things in the policies that you might miss, so having their expert eye on things often makes it worth working with them, instead of working directly with the insurance company.  

Reach out to an independent insurance agency in your area to learn more.