Why Healthy, Young Americans Should Have A Great Health Insurance Plan

Posted on: 7 September 2017

When you're young and healthy, you may think that having a comprehensive health insurance plan is overkill. Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for something that you will rarely use? Here are some reasons to reconsider:

Accidents Can Happen

Young people can fall ill, too. You wouldn't want to be blindsided by a $40,000 hospital bill if you get a nasty case of the flu or if you are hospitalized after a car accident. In fact, young people who are active and adventurous can find themselves at a greater risk of a serious injury. As far as illness goes, you can't always be sure that you won't develop a serious condition that requires frequent doctor visits; it happens all the time. 

It Protects Your Assets

If you are young and building up your savings, maybe even thinking about a down payment on a house, all of that could be jeopardized by unexpected medical bills. You're walking down the street and you're hit by a vehicle, or you fall off of your bicycle after being cut off on the road. In an instant, everything you're working towards can be over, financially, if you don't have the insurance to cover you. Insurance serves as a cap on how much you will owe in any given year, so make sure that your deductible is not something that makes you take a second look. 

It Encourages You to Visit

If you have the resource of free or cheap healthcare, you'll probably go more often. No more sitting out that nasty cough for three weeks trying to convince your boss or roommate that you're fine. You will have the luxury of checking out an illness or suspicious symptom, just to be sure. Diagnosis can be a costly thing if you are uninsured, and so many of these people will ignore the bad symptoms until they have become debilitating. 

You May Catch Something Early

Even if you aren't going to the doctor specifically for preventative or diagnostic reasons, your doctor might piece two and two together to recommend a screening test for a specific illness. As is the case with many illnesses, catching the problem early on could save your life, or at least limit the duration and severity of your symptoms. 

In short, look into getting the best health insurance plan you can. You may thank yourself deeply later in life for taking this precaution. Check out a website like http://continsurance.com/ for more information and assistance.