Shopping For A New Car? Think About Auto Insurance To Minimize Long-Term Costs

Posted on: 11 September 2017

Thinking about owning a new car may excite you because it will give you new features and improved qualities. For instance, you may love the idea of having a car that will handle all parallel parking. It is easy to think about what you want and need in a car that you are going to purchase, but you should also consider car insurance rates, which can greatly impact long-term costs.

If you want to buy a newer vehicle and feel confident that you will have affordable insurance, you should look through the details that affect these premiums to help you decide on a car:


Do not underestimate the importance of safety when looking around online and in person. While it still takes a smart driver to minimize the chance of an accident happening on the road, the most well-equipped cars in terms of safety will have the least chance of injuries and severe damage.

If you do not feel confident about analyzing the safety ratings on your own, you can make it easy by targeting the cars that have top scores from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).


It is important to consider theft when you want a car with low insurance rates. Certain vehicles are targeted more than others because they are easier to sell or steal. An excellent feature to prioritize with cars is a thorough security system that makes theft detection unavoidable. Most thieves do not want to break into a car with an alarm that will go off and give them away.


Vehicle type has a noticeable role in determining how much insurance you pay. Any sports car or standard model with a sports edition will require you to spend extra on monthly premiums. These vehicles are designed to accelerate fast and reach top speeds, both of which can lead to more dangerous accidents. So, you should look for vehicles that are designed for families.

Some examples include choosing a sedan over a coupe or a minivan instead of a large SUV. Combining this information with safety ratings will help you get some of the lowest rates.

Shopping for a new vehicle is fun, but it can come with a bit of stress when you are about to take on a car payment and increased insurance premiums. Using these tips to decide on the car you buy will help you get one that is affordable to insure and will keep long-term costs down. 

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