Fortified Strengthening Of Your Home Ensures It Can Withstand Natural Disasters

Posted on: 18 September 2017

You only have to read and view journalistic coverage of how Hurricanes Harvey and Irma rampaged through communities in parts of America to understand the horror of nature at work in a destructive manner. Both hurricanes leveled and flattened homes in some Caribbean countries. They then headed hell-bent in a fury to decimate cities and towns in the Southern regions of the United States. The wayward storms reduced communities and homes to splinters. You could have saved your home by participating in fortified strengthening for your home.

Fortified Strengthening

If you had used the method of fortified strengthening for the home you purchased in the past or had your new home then built using engineering methods of fortified strengthening guidelines dictated by IBHS, your home could have probably withstood the monstrous hurricanes that caused so much destruction in Florida and other parts of the south.

Safety Principles Of IBHS

Fortified strengthening is guided by safety principles of the Insurance Institute For Business & Home Safety (IBHS). It is not insurance. This organization is a nonprofit organization. The organization's principles are based on helping to create and improve the strength of your home. The organization is only supported by property insurers and reinsurers.

How IBHS Principle Protects Your Home

There are three levels of fortified homes coverage you as a homeowner can obtain. You can participate in coverage of the level you choose for your home. Note that you may obtain fortified insurance if your home is not new. You can also use the principles of fortified strengthening to have your home built using IBHS guidelines that strengthen your home depending upon the natural disaster risks you face.

Fortified Home Program Choices

IBHS recommends that it's high wind and hail fortified hurricane program strengthens your home from high wind and hail. The hurricane program reportedly strengthens your home when it's hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. The organization notes that the fortified high wind program strengthens your home against high winds, severe thunderstorms as well as straight-line wind events plus high winds that occur when there is a weak tornado.

How To Start Your Chosen Program

You first have to contact IBHS and request a fortified evaluation. The information gained by the program's evaluation enables IBHS to analyze the findings. Findings begin the designation process. If overhauls are needed, plans will be made to make your home resistant to disasters. Compliance documents will be completed for review and processing.

Understanding The Wisdom Of Fortified Programs

The thing for you to understand about fortified programs is that while it is not insurance that will cover you now for the losses you sustained in the recent hurricanes, it serves to prevent your home from collapsing when future hurricanes occur. It's pretty much like building your home or updating your home with materials that prevent future earthquake damage.

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