Steps To Protect Your Home Against Fire Damage

Posted on: 28 October 2017

Home fires are, in fact, very common occurrences. They can be electrical, caused by wildfires, or even as a result of lightning strikes. Not all fires are preventable, but you can still try. There is so much that is lost in fire apart from life; you may also lose property, memories, and important documents that you and your family would have to stress about in order to get them back. Every homeowner should have home insurance. Apart from using preventative measures, having home insurance is the first step to protect and continue in your family's interests in the event that a fire happens so your material possessions can be replaced.


A good alarm system comes with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that both you and emergency services can be notified of fires if they occur. You can also have a sprinkler system that works with the alarm as the sprinklers will help to contain the fire or even put it out until the fire service shows up. With the alarms, you can also have fire extinguishers to assist in putting out small fires. You and everyone else in your house should receive training on how to use it. Having such a comprehensive system in place can actually lower your home insurance premium.

Fire Safety

Practicing fire safety may sound cliché, but it is very important. You should not leave pots unattended when cooking. You also should keep matches and other flammable items away from children. If you plan to have a fire outdoors, you should spray the surrounding areas especially if it's dry. If bushfires are prevalent in your area, spraying around your house is also a good idea.


Prevention is always better than cure. It is a good idea to teach your family about being cautious and about the dangers of fire. Teach them to double check that appliances are switched off especially when leaving the house. Even if you teach them about fire safety, you should also have an evacuation plan in place with emergency numbers. Faulty electrical equipment should be repaired or replaced as these can pose a fire hazard. An important thing everyone should know is that electrical fires are difficult to put out with water, so in the event of such a fire, if flour is available you can throw flour on the fire.

You can take many steps to prevent fires, but another step is to protect yourself against the damage. A good home insurance plan comes into play here. Look for home insurance with comprehensive fire protection and a low deductible. Contact a company like Wolf Insurance Agency for more information and assistance.