SR-22 Filings: What To Know

Posted on: 26 April 2018

When you have run into big problems with your driving and license, you may be relieved after you sort everything out. You may be all set to drive again until you learn about the SR-22. This document can affect your driving ability and whether you find yourself in additional trouble. Consider the following.

What is the so-called SR-22?

Often referred to by that name or the term "certificate of financial responsibility", it's a document showing that an insurance company has determined that you are currently insured for a certain period.

How Do You Know if You Need One?

Generally, those who have significant run-ins with the law or have had their license stripped away will need to do an SR-22 filing with the state vehicle commission. Some situations that could require this document include:

  • Excessive moving violation tickets
  • License suspension
  • DUI arrest
  • Being found at-fault in a vehicle collision

When an SR-22 filing is required, you will be notified by a letter or directly, if you must attend court for your driving issues. If you haven't received the word, you may want to call the vehicle commission yourself to make sure either way.

What Happens During an SR-22 Filing?

As the subject of the document, you will not do the filing of this document yourself. Your insurer will send it over to the appropriate authorities. You can keep up with both the insurer and vehicle commission regularly to see if this transfer has happened.

How Much is an SR-22 Filing?

The cost of the actual document can vary, but the more important thing for you to be aware of is the policy cost. Because of your problems, you're considered a much higher risk driver than you used to be. As a result, some companies may not insure you. Others may charge much more to do the job. Therefore, it's likely to take time to find a suitable insurer based on what you can afford.

How Long is an SR-22 Filing Needed?

Every state and situation is different. You will be told how long you need to maintain an SR-22 filing on your behalf. Typically these filings are required for some years. When the period is done, you may then be able to purchase a regular vehicle insurance policy.

With this information, SR-22 filings should be clearer. Discuss your history with insurance agents who understand the documentation you need so they can assist in securing an SR-22 policy for you. To learn more, contact an agency like Rowell Insurance Agency.