Advice When Getting Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance

Posted on: 27 September 2021

If you're a motorcycle rider that doesn't ride often, you don't want to spend a lol of money on insurance if it's not really needed. Pay-per-mile insurance policies are great options for minimal driving. You'll need to use this following advice when getting this type of policy designed for short-term riding experiences.

Find a Specialty Insurance Provider

Since pay-per-mile insurance is much different than traditional insurance in that you're paying based on how much you drive, it's a good idea to find an insurance provider that specializes in pay-per-mile policies. Then you'll get amazing assistance, whether it's finding out how much you can save or seeing if this type of insurance is really worth it based on your habits. Pay-per-mile insurance providers that offer policies on motorcycles will ensure you have all the facts before ultimately agreeing to a policy, helping you do what's best for you and your motorcycle. 

Make Sure Vehicle Tracking is Accurate

In order for the insurance provider to know how much to charge you, they will need to set up a monitoring device on your motorcycle. They'll then be able to track how many miles you ride in a given period, thus helping them charge you accurately. Make sure your vehicle tracking is accurate and stays this way because then you'll know you're not being overcharged. Every couple of weeks, have analytics taken from the vehicle tracking device reviewed to confirm they're accurate with what you actually did on the motorcycle. 

Ensure it's the Right Policy for You

The only real way to make the most out of a pay-per-mile insurance policy for a motorcycle is to use this vehicle in a limited capacity. Otherwise, you might was well get a traditional policy. Before you agree to anything, make sure this pay-per-mile policy is right for how you drive.

Do you drive in short spurts on the weekends or take short trips throughout the year? If so, then this type of motorcycle policy is suitable. You can make sure by speaking with an insurance agent and having them assess your type of motorcycle driving. Motorcycle insurance is a must if you plan on driving one of these vehicles. As you look over these options, take into account their benefits in correlation with how you drive. Then you'll know what insurance decision to make. 

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