• Learn What To Do When You Hit A Parked Car By Accident

    Getting into an accident with a parked car can be even scary if you do not know what to do. Learn what steps to take after hitting a parked car accidentally in the guide that follows. Make Sure No One Is in the Car Just because a car is parked and not in motion, does not mean that there is no one in the car. Take the time to get out of your car and look inside of the car to see if anyone is in it. [Read More]

  • 3 Things That May Or May Not Be Covered By Your Property Insurance

    Homeowners' insurance is meant to be there to provide reimbursement to you in the event of personal property loss or damage to your personal property.  Unfortunately, property insurance can be very difficult to understand. In fact, many homeowners fail to fully comprehend what is covered and what is not covered under their policy. This can lead to some homeowners not even filing a claim when damage or loss occurs. To help clear up some of the confusion, here are three particular areas that homeowners tend to be the most confused on: [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons To Buy Car Insurance From A Multi-Company Agency

    Nowadays, a lot of people buy their car insurance directly from the insurance company. However, this does not mean that going through an agency that works with multiple companies isn't a good idea. These are three reasons why you might want to consider working with one of these agencies. 1. Get Multiple Quotes at Once First of all, as you might already know, it is usually a good idea to get quotes from more than one car insurance company before buying coverage. [Read More]

  • Three Factors That Can Impact Your Homeowner' s Insurance

    Insurance companies look at a variety of factors when determining your homeowner's insurance premiums, and there are some things you can do that might impact your rates. Certain changes to your home can cause your rates to go up, while others may help them to go down. Here is a look at some factors that can affect your homeowner's insurance rates: Home Security Systems By adding security cameras, an alarm system, or other home security features, you can make your home better protected against potential theft or vandalism. [Read More]

  • Why Healthy, Young Americans Should Have A Great Health Insurance Plan

    When you're young and healthy, you may think that having a comprehensive health insurance plan is overkill. Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for something that you will rarely use? Here are some reasons to reconsider: Accidents Can Happen Young people can fall ill, too. You wouldn't want to be blindsided by a $40,000 hospital bill if you get a nasty case of the flu or if you are hospitalized after a car accident. [Read More]

  • Qualifying For The Best Insurance Rates

    it is very important to have the best auto insurance possible. If you try to save a few dollars a month you may find that you are left to pay for a lot of damage yourself in the event of an accident. You do not want ot be stuck paying for all of the repairs and medical bills yourself. However, the best auto insurance can often cost a lot of money, and so it can be tough finding the best auto insurance for the best price. [Read More]

  • Modifying Your Car? Better Modify Your Insurance Policy, Too

    Owning a vehicle of any kind can be challenging at time. From the actual cost to purchase and maintain to registration fees and property taxes, the costs can become stressful. Unfortunately, when you own a modified car, costs can become even more overwhelming. A modified vehicle is defined as any vehicle that has been altered or enhanced for its appearance or performance. Insuring a modified vehicle requires a bit more education and understanding. [Read More]

  • Four Reasons You Should Exclude A Driver From Your Car Insurance Policy

    Your car insurance coverage automatically includes every member of your household, which also means the insurance company takes your household into consideration when calculating your rates. However, there are cases where it is prudent to exclude specific members of your household from your insurance; here are four examples of such cases: They Have a Dangerous Driving History Members of your household who have dangerous driving histories will drive up your rates. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips For Fighting A Low Settlement Offer For Property Damage

    Purchasing a semi truck is a major investment that can have an impact on the success of your owner-operator trucking business. If you are new to the owner-operator trucking business, buying your first truck can be a challenge. There are several possible mistakes that could be made that lead to a bad experience. Fortunately, if you avoid the mistakes below, you can buy a truck that is reliable and good for your business. [Read More]

  • Four Cases In Which You Need To Contact Your Auto Insurance Company Immediately

    Do you just communicate with your auto insurance company when making claims? If so, then you are risking your relationship with your insurance company and your coverage. There are certain situations in which you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Here are three such situations:   You Are Involved In An Accident You need to inform your insurance company of every accident you are involved in whether you plan to make a claim or not. [Read More]